Dr.Geetha Philips
Joint Secretary - APICON 2019

Dr.Shyamala Menon
Executive Secretary - APICON 2019

Organizing Chairman - APICON 2019

Dr. Sunny P Orathel
Food & Catering Committee Chairman - APICON 2019

Dr.Sony Joseph
Venue Committe Chairman - APICON 2019

Dr.Chakravarthy Reddy
Director of Interventional Pulmonary unit, University of Utah,USA

https://youtu.be/LknMC1to0Yo7. Dr.Rajan Joseph Manjuran
Dr.Rajan Joseph Manjuran
Past President, Cardiological Society of India, ICCCON 2019

Dr. P.B. Jayagopal
Organising Secretary - ICCCON 2019, Indian college of Cardiology, Kochi

Dr. Rajesh V
Organising Secretary, NAPCON

Dr. Mathew Jacob
Organizing Secretary LTSICON 2019

Dr.Sudhindran S
Organizing Chairman- LTSICON 2019

Dr. Charles Panackal
Treasurer - LTSICON 2019

Founder of ABIP & Chief of Interventional Pulmonology, Amrita Institute of Medical Science, Kochi

Dr. Raju R Nair
Organizing Secretary - AKCOG 2020

Arvind Perathur
MD FCCP, Organizing President ABIP 2018

Executive event personnel were able to convert a rooftop which was absolutely barren to something that was wonderful and met standards for hosting an international event ABIP 2018. They worked efficiently and transformed the place overnight. Their decor was tasteful yet not pricey. They were absolutely open to discussion and accommodated all our last minute requirements and changes without so much as flickering their eyelid. Wonderful people! Great work ethic! I would use them again and would recommend them to other events without hesitation.
Organising Chairman, NAPCON

On behalf of the organizing committee of 21st NAPCON 2019, Kerala, we appreciate endless hour service and problem solving attitude of the Team Executive Events lead by Mr. Raju Kannampuzha. We developed a great partnership and their dedication and unfailing approach lead our Conference to be a success. We wish them all success for their upcoming projects.
Mr Manish Rathore
Assistant General Manager, Dermakem – Alkem Laboratories Ltd.

It has been a memorable experience working with you in The 46th National Conference of Indian Association of Dermatologists, and Leprologists, DERMACON 2018 at Kochi. You have managed our large-scale participation very well. I would also appreciate the way in which you accommodate our last minute requirements. Looking forward to working with you for many more events to come.
Dr. Jabir, Secretary
CSI Kerala Chapter

Dr.Anoop Vincent
Organizing Committee – Indian Psychiatry Society - South Zonal Branch

We thank Executive Events for their end to end support for The Medical Conference of Indian Psychiatry Society – South Zonal Branch “CME for Practitioners”. Well appreciated for making the event a grand success for the best execution and quality management services.
Organizing Chairman – Dermacon 2018

The whole team of Executive Events did a great job in managing The 46th National Conference of Indian Association of Dermatologists, and Leprologists, DERMACON 2018. More than 5000 delegates attended that event was a huge success. We are extremely happy with the turnout. Appreciating the whole team for their effort and 24*7 services.
Dr. Mohan Mathew
Organizing Chairman of Criticare 2017

Dr Kuruvilla Thomas
Organizing Secretary WPA KOCHI 2015

Dr. George P Abraham
Organizing Chairman,3DLapendofusion 2015

Dr Eapen Thomas
Organizing Secretary Kodakk 2017

Rupa Madhu
Ass Professor Radiodiagnosis

I was a part of Scientific Committee at IRIA, Cochin Recently. Your staffs had done an excellent job in maintaining the program to the end. Overall we had a great experience in Cochin.
Dr C Mohankumar Nair

Dr Georgie Mutho0t
Executive Director, Muthoot Healthcare

Dr.Santhosh John Abraham
Organizing secretary of ASICON

Joint Secretary, CSI’09

The 61st Annual Conference of the Cardiological Society of India meeting held at Le Meridien Convention Centre from 2nd to 6th December was a huge success. Nearly about 4000 participants were there. This was a huge success mainly because of the expert of organizing committee’s activities & unity of cardiologists of Kerala, but to a large extend, the commitment by event management company, Executive Events headed by Raju Kannampuzha. They have been instrumental in making this conference, the best ever, in the history of Cardiological Society of India’s meetings. I definitely salute Raju and his team members for making this one of the best memorable conference.
Organizing Committee Chairman, Asia Pacific Pathology Conference 2009

When we were thinking about organizing the 6th Asia Pacific Congress, we wanted to find out a reliable event manager and some how I met Mr.Raju of Executive Events and handed over the entire job to Executive Events. They organized the conference, I would say in a very perfect and meticulous manner and was entirely satisfied with programs and events that they have made and I recommend him for a conference tie up.
Organizing Secretary, NAPCON 2009

The department of Pulmonary Medicine, Medical College, Calicut has conducted NAPCON 2009, The National Conference of Indian Chest Society & National College of Chest Physicians, in November 2009. It was a mega event with 1400 delegates from various parts of India and abroad. Executive Events, Cochin, was instrumental in designing, planning and executing the conference. We had an association of one year during which we have planned the conference in such a manner that we could conduct this conference successfully. So, I should thank Executive Events for exclusive help for the conduct of this conference and nice manner in which it was turned out. So, I feel that Executive Events is capable of conducting mega events like conferences and other events and I would be glad to recommend this firm to any entrepreneurs who want to organize such events in future.
Organizing Chairman,34th Annual Conference of Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons of India.

The organizing committee had evaluated several event management companies and decided on giving the management of whole conference to Executive Events. This conference was a bit complicated because , we had three venues going during this period , exhaustive scientific programmes including several work shops, about 600 delegate free papers, poster presentations and 37 foreign and 33 Indian speakers. Executieve Events managed the whole show efficiently from registration to audio visual, programs, dinners, travel & accommodation and even the press reports. I wish all success to Raju Kannampuzha and his team.
Dr. Georgy K Ninan
Organizing Secretary, ISNCON 2005, 36th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Nephrology, Cochin

ISNCON 2005 was held in Cochin. We had two days of cultural programs and our event managers were Executive Events. And Mr. Anil and his team gave a good service for both the events…
Dr Balagopal Varma R
Principal of Amrita School of Dentistry Professor and Head of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry

Dr Harish Chandran
Organising Secretary of SESI Con 2016

Dr Epan Thomas
Organizing Secretary Kodakk 2017

Dr.Sreenivas Kamath &Dr. P K Jabbar
Organising Committee, RSSDI

Dr. K.R. Viswambaran
Vice Chancellor

Dr.Kuruvilla Thomas
Organizing Secretary of ANCIPS

Dr. P. P. Mohanan
Organising Chairman, NIC 2012

Dr Sudarshan Nair
Panchakarma Global Summit 2010

Fr. Johnson
Executive Director: Rajagiri Hospital

Dr.Johny J Kannampilly
Organizing Secretary, DFSI 2005

Dr. V.P. Paily
Organizing Chairperson, AICOG 2006

AOMSI (Asso. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons India)

Dr.C Raveendran
Organizing Secretary, NAPCON 2009, Principal Medical College Calicut

Organising Committee Chairman
Asia Pacific Pathology Conference 2009
Fortunately, I met Mr. Raju Kannampuzha when I was in search of reliable Event Management Company to organize Asia Pacific Pathoogy Conference 2009. We entrusted the work to Executive Events and they organized it in ameticulous manner
Dr.Mohanan P.P
Joint Secretary
CSI Event 2009
The CSI 2009 was a great success because of the expert organizing committee and the commitment by Executive Event Management. I salute Mr. Raju Kannampuzha and his team members for making CSI a memorable conference.
Organizing Secretary
CSI 2009

The way Executive Events fulfilled our expectations made me confident enough to recommend them to organize any mega event in Ernakulum.
Dr. C. Mohankumar Nair
Dean, College of Fisheries

We invited a few event management companies to provide us with a presentation to conduct Asia Pacific Aqua Culture Meet in Cochin. We selected Executive Events for the best presentation and they fulfilled our expectations.
Dr. P.C Shaji
Organising Secretary
IRIA 2015
The communications, executions and suggestions provided by Executive Events were really good and Executive Events is one of the best things happened for IRIA 2015
Dr.Mohanan. K
Organising Chairman
IRIA 2015
All the components required for IRIA 2015 was well maintained by Executive Events. Professionals like Executive Events is a must to organize such a huge conference..
Sanjay Sharma
General Manager
Le Meridian, Cochin

I personally would out my name and recommend Executive Events as one of those organizations who have mastered the art of conferences and events with creativity, sincerity and honesty
Dr. Jose Chacko Periappuram
Organising Secretary
CTCON – 2005

51st Annual Conference of Indian Association of Cardio Vascular – Thoracic Surgeons was rated as one of the best conferences in the history of the association over the past 51 years. The whole success behind it was the support and execution of Executive Events.
Dr. V. P Paily
Organising Chairman
AICOG – 2006

We are very pleased with the arrangements made by Executive Events. Their work was simple, elegant and up to the standard. We wish them good luck
Dr.Johny .J. Kannampilly
Organising Secretary
DFSI – 2005
We had to arrange a lot of things in a short period of time for the conference of Diabetic Foot Society of India in Cochin. But there was great helping hands from Executive Events who were very dedicated and sincere.
Sanjeev Pasricha
General Secretary – EEMA
CS Direct Event & Exhibition Pvt Ltd.

I was amazed at the professionalism of Executive Events and their responsiveness of the team is fantastic. Thanks to Raju and his team for helping us around
Chairman Drishti 2006

The services offered by Executive Events for 33rd Annual Conference of Kerala Society of Opthalmic Surgeons like logistics, entertainments, posters and the trade exhibition was appreciated well. We are satisfied with the performance of Executive Events and we wish them all success.
Dr.Sudarshan Nair
Organising Secretary
Panchakarma Global Summit 2010

Executive Events arranged our event, Panchakarma Global Summit 2010 very well. They are very cooperative, cordial and the Executive Team was always helpful.
Dr Ramesh S Shenoy
Treasurer IRIA

The work you have done for IRIA is simply superb. Last 5 days I saw what you and your people did. I have no words to express my sincere thanks for making the events most memorable. Thank you & Executive Events team for all the work.
Usha Kunjuraman
Scientific Committee Member IRIA

Thank you very much to you and your smart team members for making our conference a huge success. Best wishes for success in all your endeavours.
Mohanan K
Organisation chairman IRIA

Thankyou Raju. You and your team made the difference. This is just a beginning of a long journey.
Rupa Madhu,Ass Professor

I was a part of Scientific Committee at IRIA, Cochin Recently. Your staffs had done an excellent job in maintaining the program to the end. Overall we had a great experience in Cochin.
Dr Vinay V T
Chairman Registration Committee,IRIA

Good work